Canada Routing Number API is part of "Bank Suite"

Bank Suite is a web service providing validation and identification of Canada routing numbers as well as international bank codes and account numbers. It can validate, identify and confirm official bank directory data with a single API call.

  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Identify bank and branch name
  • Provide FedWire BIC code for International transfers
  • Supports Canada, United States as well as 193 other countries

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Bank Suite key features

Bank Account Validation

A number of validations are performed, including modulus check digit calculation on the routing number and account number to ensure they are correct.

Bank Details Identification

Lookup in the global bank routing number directory provides bank and branch name, address, BIC code. The data is updated monthly to ensure high accuracy.

Provide BIC code for wire transfers

The bank directory detects the respective BIC for a given routing number. The BIC code is required when processing international wire transfers.

Transfer Systems Types

Identifying which Transfer Systems are supported by the specific bank or branch. Detect if FedWire and FedACH payments are supported by routing number.

How does BankSuite service work?

The API used to connect to the system is designed to provide maximum functionality with a minimal number of requests. In the diagram below, you may follow what happens when you submit a routing number and account number to our system.

Input Validation

At the first step we check for illegal characters, length, structure and check digit.

Bank Directory Lookup

We identify the issuing bank by checking the routing number in the official bank directory.

BIC Identification

We identify the BIC code associated with the specific bank and branch.

Payment Support

At this step we identify if the routing number supports FedWire and FedACH payments.

Account Number Validation

If provided, we validate the account number's structure, format and syntax.

Compile the Report

The API returns all the information in a single easy to read XML or JSON response. All that in under half a second.

Automated Validation

By using the simple yet powerful REST API you may seamlessly integrate the service in all modern programming languages.

API integration

Since automation is the key to modern business process optimization, we have designed the Bank Suite service with simplicity in mind. The REST API can be harnessed with a few lines of code to provide bank details validation in any step of your business process. Our developers have prepared code samples which can help you to make use of the API in minutes.

Technical Specifications

Data Quality

We understand the importance of reliable data sources when processing payment related data. This is why the Bank Suite service uses the official bank directory data provided by S.W.I.F.T. Scrl. We update our global bank directory monthly to provide the relevant and up to date bank data for the United States and the world.

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